The problem with the word "best"

Simply put, it is extremely subjective, it has a lot to with position (what services you use) and preferences/ priorities. Often times in tech we like to praise certain companies to the high heavens, such companies can do no wrong in your eyes, and all competitors are evil scum for even dreaming of competing with our most prized and loved company (options are terrible, yuck), after all they did that thing, THAT THING THAT THEY DID THAT TIME, YOU KNOW WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT, when in reality, there is always room for improvement, and all companies have faults and do wrongs. This is all about fanboyism, some are shameless, some put on the mask of a troll and bash "enemy" companies to make their company look superior and in turn, make their purchases look smarter. Now, which mobile OS do you think is the best? I'm sure you probably already have an answer in your head, and it is more than likely the OS that is running on your phone this very instant, but the correct answer is, there isn't any. Let's compare Android and Windows Phone.


-The Good

•Can work well on low end or high end hardware (see 520)

•Great quality hardware, with some of the best phone hardware to hit the market

•Best Microsoft services experience (bing apps, OneNote, outlook, xbox music, xbox live games exclusives)

•Great UI for mobile touch devices that display information on the home screen •Robust social networking experience (People app, messaging app, calendar app)

-The Bad

•Severe lack of apps

•Horrible Google experience

•No notification centre

•Slow updates


-The Good

•Best Google experience (Gmail, hangouts, Google Drive)

•Great customization •Wide variety of different phones

•robust notification centre

•Large selection of apps

-The Bad

•Horrible cheap phone experience


•Severe lag issue (lag is present in stock as well)

•Majority of devices age badly


It depends on what ecosystem you are in, and what you value and want out of a Smartphone. See, there is no best, there is now worst, only strengths and weaknesses. So now, I'd like to ask, with this new initiative to clean up to Tribe, to stop bias as much as possible, I won't accuse the Tribe of being the only people with fanboys, or even accuse the tribe of having the most fanboys, but wouldn't it be better if there were no fanboys at all? Preference is fine, enjoying a company's products is fine, but this is just tech, don't let bias get in the way of you using and appreciating great products.