Okay, Nest Protect?

So first, I am wondering why Nest made the Protect. I thought it looked good, and then I saw what it really does. It had shown that a smoke alarm can look good and work well at the same time. I was wondering how anyone else feels and decided to share what I had typed on my site.

Fitzsimmons Weekly (I wrote an article about it here)

Nest has released the Nest Protect, a product that works as a friendly smoke alarm. It detects what room you're in and can understand simply commands. Motion and easy access from mobile devices has taken a note from Nest's other products, or as of now, its thermostat. They both work on the same app and function almost identically with devices, but both offer helpful things for your home. Nest has been innovating this industry for quite a while and you can take a look back on what they've achieved so far in the company history, they seem to be doing well. As told by Tony Fadell, the company CEO, he describes the Nest community and why the products they deliver today do what they actually do, serve the home.

It was never just about thermostats. At its core, Nest has always been about the home. We reinvent unloved home products to create simple, beautiful, thoughtful things. First we made an entirely different kind of thermostat, because saving energy should be easy. Now we’ve reinvented the smoke alarm, because safety is too important to be annoying.

Tony Fadell, CEO of Nest

Nest Protect isn't on sale yet, but you can pre-order both the wired and battery-powered Nest Protect now from nest.com. The black Nest Protect is available exclusively from the Nest Store.


So what do you all think?