What OEM skin features do you want on stock?

I feel stock is too barebones and hopefully that will change soon with 4.4 but I doubt it. I also feel google is relying too much on OEMs to add features to android. At this moment stock android is serving as a structure that OEMs use to build an OS but that is just wrong, android should be the OS and OEMs only add features and skin it.

So, what OEM features do you want on android?

-Samsung's multiwindow, smart pause, and air view (is that the name?) would be amazing if it was actually implemented correctly and available throughtout the OS instead of just certain apps.

-HTC's Zoe, blinkfeed, camera app, new device setup (got all my media onto the device in about 2 minutes).

-Sony's media apps and power saving mode.

Motorola's quick glance notifications and always-on voice recognition (I understand the hardware requirements for this but every high end device should have a dedicated processor for these tasks anyways)

LG's double tap to wake.

Those are all my requests, oh and of course Nokia's hardware and camera lol.