Ordered backlogged Nexus 5 -- card already charged

Just wondering if any other to-be Nexus 5 users have noticed if their credit/debit cards have already been charged for the purchase, even though Google says that they wait until something ships to charge for it. (This was true when I ordered my Chromebook a little while back, too.)

When I bought it (way late in the day, I was at work the whole time and I didn't even know it had become available until like 5PM PT) Google said it would ship in 3-4 weeks -- or around November 22nd, according to them -- and that my card wouldn't be charged until it actually shipped.

Five minutes later I check my account and it's almost $400 lighter.

It's not really a problem, and I don't really care when they charge me for a purchase I already made, but I'm just wondering -- does this mean it has already shipped and/or will ship soon?