Why a new Android release isn't as interesting to me as other OS releases

Basically, a new Android OS announcement is only a preview for me and for many others. I make the choice to go with a phone that suits my needs (currently Sony Xperia Z, hurray water resistance) over something that gets updated quickly. I am not complaining about that as every choice has its compromises. Nexus have their drawbacks for each person too. Anyway, before I get on a rant about compromises, back to the point. I am on 4.1.2 and quite possibly won't see a newer version of Android until I upgrade my phone in January. And even at that point, it is quite possible it'll only be running 4.3, so who knows when I'll get to use 4.4.x. Hence I feel about as excited about this announcement as when Apple previewed iOS7 or Microsoft previewed Windows 8.1. It is interesting, but not at the same level as some other releases. It is at least more interesting than BB10 updates!

So, for those complaining the new Android OS isn't getting enough attention, here is another perspective to consider what I feel might be somewhat common (no way to back that up with anything).