iPad Air - an applaudable achievement, still not enough

There is no doubt that iPad Air is a remarkable feat of engineering and a great product. I've used one in the stores today and it is indeed incredibly lightweight. Many reviews have proven that despite its dramatically smaller chassis, it delivers noticeably faster performance and even longer battery life in everyday use. Kudos to the Apple engineers.

But I still don't think it's up to Apple's incredibly high product quality standards. Let me list the things that limit the iPad Air to be just great, but nowhere near insanely great.

1. iOS 7

STILL not fully optimised for the powerful hardware. Lags are noticeable here and there. Some animations are even choppy. Don't tell me the 64-bit desktop architecture-based A7 chip that blows away all the mobile chips out there can't handle things at 60fps.

2. Display

No full lamination. No reduction in screen reflectivity. An undoubtedly very good display - but its major downsides have not been addressed at all. Screen reflectivity is actually a understated downside of the display because since iPad Air is so lightweight, people will use it outdoors more often. You crank up the brightness to make out what's on the display, and there goes your battery.

3. Speakers

Still the same rear speakers that disperse the sound to some other random directions. I mean, the remarkable Apple engineers can't figure out how to put front-facing speakers? As Apple said, sound plays a significant role in the overall experience - whether it's playing a game or watching a video - and even more so for iPad which provides the most intimate computing experience.

What do you think about these? Do you agree that Apple has only addressed one major downside of the full-size iPad(the weight, which I agree is the most important) and nothing else? In today's very competitive tablet PC landscape, do you think the iPad Air is up to the "Apple standard"? (regardless of sales numbers).