Genius Bars over capacity

One of the main reasons I buy exclusively Apple products is because of the great face-to-face support. It has really impressed me in the past. But I just tried to book a genius bar appointment for an issue that my laptop is having, so I tried to make a Genius Bar appointment.

The nearest Apple store just flat out won't let me make an appointment. The soonest appointment I can get at a store that's a somewhat reasonable travel distance away is in 6 days. There are no appointments available anywhere in the greater London area sooner than 4 days from now.

The last few times I needed a Genius Bar appointment (maybe 2 years ago) I got one the next morning and had a bunch of time slots to choose from.

As Apple is selling more and more devices has Genius capacity stayed the same, to the point where they are now being flooded? Or is this an anomaly?