How common is IPS backlight bleed on laptops?


I just wanted to ask a quick question to laptop owners (and I would hazard a guess there is a several on this forum).

How many people have backlight bleed on their IPS display laptops? Not to be confused with clouding. I have a picture of an iPad, that illustrates the exact thing I'm talking about, for an example. (eg. Example of backlight bleed). Specifically the hotspots on the edges.

Everything IPS panel product I buy appears to have this.

You can test this at this very handy site (ignoring the context of the page):

Backlight bleed test

Click Test Screen, Check Pixels, cycle through the screen 5, which is entirely black.

I just want to see what people are experiencing, as I've personally yet to come across a backlight bleed-less IPS panel on a laptop to date (I'm at six displays and counting). I'm curious to see how normal it is.