Un-Liking TheVerge on Facebook: Too much spam


Dear The Verge,

I'm un-liking you on facebook, and based on some recent comments on your posts there, I may not be alone. For the last week, you have significantly upped the number of times you post a link to a story more than once. For example, the Motorola/Ara story was posted twice in 10 hours, the Burn Pit story was posted FIVE times in about 24. Other stories were similarly repeat posted (Ender's Game, two different stories on movie trailers etc).

I'm a fan of your site, I read it every day. I follow you on Facebook, and added you to the feeds which would always show up on my newsfeed. There is no reason to spam the hell out of my facebook wall with redundant and repetitive links. I mean, I understand if you have a major story or Longform article that you want to promote (like the Burn Pit story, which is clearly a keystone piece for you guys this month). But there comes a point where even those stories are excessively posted, and when you repeatedly post low-content articles (like trailers) that it goes past keeping me up to date on your content, and just becomes spam.