Googlers, get over it.

I've watched the "controversial" hands-on on the Nexus 5 countless times to understand what is with the general dissatisfaction with it and I've come to the conclusion that it is quite simply because Bohn sounded dismissive of Android as an OS.

It occurred to me that the phone didn't even showed the "lag" that he mentioned when he was trying to demonstrate it in Chrome. The opinion he has of Android probably originates from an impression that he had gotten long ago when Android was indeed a fledging and lag was pervasive. He has arguably failed to put that pre-conceived notion aside when giving his impression of the device (We're all human after all). But my point is, we, as Google fans, know that the Nexus 5 is a great smartphone in its own right. And we don't need that affirmation from anybody. Bohn's view might be skewed, and even from a skewed perspective, he did gave some Nexus 5 credit. Personally, after watching the video, I felt, "Meh! If he can't appreciate what Google has done, at least a few million other Google fans can."

Let's not stoop down to that level where we feel so insecure about our OS preferences that we need the confirmation from tech blogs, shall we?