Google hasn't told us everything or Did it?

Finally the release of 4.4 Kitkat and that kick starts some very interesting discussions everywhere as it happens with every Android update starting 1.6.

1. What are Google doing new with their latest update?

2. What does this update shows about the future strategies that Google is trying to do?

3. Which Devices are going to get the next big thing and When?

Its undoubtedly the great thing that Google is trying to optimize Android and put them to low end devices, but what its certainly doing is leaving those people disappointed who want to see something drastic and amazing out of every new update.

Seeing the top 10 Kitkat features, I don't think any of them are earth shattering. SMS-Google Talk is just meh since nobody uses SMS these days anyway and people who are connected t internet through phones, use better alternatives like, Watsapp, Facebook Messenger and of late the new kid on the block Blackberry messenger.

I am not sure having baked in Wireless printing is even a feature since it was possible even before and I doubt its significance too, particularly when people these days are moving to electronic versions of word documents to save environment.

Extended search & improved caller ID has been existing in one form or the other and its just a fancied way to promote Google's own services.

Android has been buttery smooth since 4.1 and I felt 4.2.2 made it even more smoother. So I am not sure If I am really going to see any multitasking improvements with 4.4.

With every update, I also expect to see an update in my living style. Unless an update changes the way I live with my phone on day to day basis, its pretty insignificant to me and on that note, Android 4.3 and 4.4 looks to pretty much passable.

At least I had 4.1 JB butter to look forward to and Lock screen widgets, resizable widgets & Google Now, to look forward to with 4.2 updates in 2012. But I just do not see similar enthusiasm for these new versions in 2013.

Nevertheless I think Google are still in a right direction. They are trying to conquer the low end market which involves, low end processors and lower RAM. But I think, Google has still left us in dark when it comes to the answers of these following questions:

What is meant by the low end devices? Does that only mean processors? Does that only mean RAM?

I am totally under the impression that, its the drivers who perform the most important activity of interacting with our SOC's and RAM's. Is it that Google is updating only Snapdragon processors with respect to this?

Android still runs over Dalvik VM & nothing can change that. This in fact is the only reason, why WP and iOS can run very comfortable even in low memory and lower processor scenarios. What has Google done to change this which is literally unchangeable?

AOSP has always been the most efficient flavour of Android. But how many OEM's are actually using this purest Android flavour? Every OEM tries to Monkey around the Android to include OEM differentiations which in some cases even requires them to change the Kernel version as well. With respect to that, is Google is now trying to force OEM's to give up all their customisations and use this purest flavour? I do not want to get into the discussion of usability of these additional OEM features, but I think every TouchWiz, Sense user knows what I am talking about.

When is Google expecting the users to get 4.4 and reach that next billion?

Google has shown us big dreams of reaching out to next billion and hence increasing their footprint in Ad business. But when are they expected to do it? Most of the current devices are still struck at Android 4.2 or Android 4.1 . In some cases they are even struck at 2.3.6. Google has literally failed to answer any of these important questions of upgradable devices.

In my view Google has failed to show what they actually want to show with Android 4.4. Unless they start producing their so called "Low End devices" themselves in their Nexus line, they can never truly prove their point.

Views? Suggestions? Comments?