What if Google combined with Amazon to give full user reviews on demand through Google Now??

Just imagine every time you see or think of something you want to know about you could just say something like "Ok Google, what do people think of the Nexus 5?" or "Ok Google, show me reviews on the Sony ZX1."

Or even when you simply say "Ok Google, what is the Invidia Q300 Exaust system?"

And on top of giving you a description from Wikipedia or wherever it might pull the info from, it puts the most "useful" reviews up in the top 3 cards in your results, says a short description and says something like "here are the most useful reviews on the product"

Anything along those lines, I feel, would go a huge way in Google searches where you just want to know what _other real people_ think about something your interested in.

Just brainstorming, but that's something I find would be really useful to me. What do you guys think?