Open patents

Hi All,

After seeing all the silly law suits over UI animations and basic mobile communication tools like email and SMS. I think any one on the internet who has idea but has no ambition to go ahead and build a product based on the idea should post the idea on the internet . If we post this on internet the monopolistic companies who use patents to stifle competition cannot get the patents in the first place .

Below are a few ideas I have myself , although they might not be revolutionary . Keep in mind that the patent battles are not being fought with revolutionary patents but smaller obvious patents. If Some of these ideas are already patented then there is nothing we can do . But instead of wasting time combing through patent archives it is easy to post ideas on the internet. So here goes.

Bezel less Touchscreen devices:

Bezel in a touchscreen phone/device are necessary because below the bezel there is circuitry that is needed for the touch sensor overlaid on the screen. Some manufacturers have reduced side bezel by eliminating this touch screen circuitry on the side an only having them below the top and bottom bezel . My idea is to have the circuity on a folded surface perpendicular to the touchscreen area or folded below the touchscreen itself . To visualize this take a look at the Pizza box below. The circuitry will go on the foldable( or a rigid surface attached to the screen but not on same plane as the screen surface) sides of the main surface. By using the method bezels can be completely eliminated.



Smart watch or a smart glasses (like Google glass) as a TV remote :

By building accelerometer and other motion sensors right into a smart watch/glass . The smart watch/glass can be used to control a TV . By sensing the motion of the watch/glass we can move a pointer across the screen and once the pointer reaches a portion of the screen which can be acted on (like pressing a button) the user can perform a predetermined motion like rolling the wrist for a smart watch or blinking for a smart glass actions can be formed.

  1. Also predetermined motions can act as short cuts to various functions.
  2. Once the pointer on the screen is an actionable area the touch sensitive surfaces of the watch/glass can be used to take action by clicking,swiping or by performing various touch gestures.
  3. The smart watch can also contain sensors to read electrical signals and other signals including mechanical ones passing below it on the body surface or body tissue to identify which fingers are being raised and the motions preformed by the hand and the fingers. By having this capability we can detect touch screen gestures the hand is making in the air and use those gestures to take action on the TV.
  4. Similarly on the smart glass sensors can be placed to detect brain waves and other electrical and mechanical signals . Once the sensors detects these signals they can be used to perform actions on the TV screen.

If you have reached till here , thanks for reading. You are free to add to these ideas or critique them for their simplicity . Any type of criticisms are welcome.