Complete List of iOS 7 Features

in case anyone was wondering, here's a complete list of iOS 7's features for future reference... (this is NOT my blog)

Complete List Of Features And Changelog

New User Interface

  1. New enhanced UI (not specifically for the home-screen but will feature great use of white-space)
  2. 3D Interface: Perspective changes when we tilt the phone
  3. Enhanced Typography
  4. Entirely new color palette through-out the new UI elements
  5. Redesigned Slide To Unlock. Slide from anywhere on the screen. Its translucent over the background. (Thanks Jesse)
  6. Use of translucent elements to enhance the look & feel. So, one change in wallpaper will affect how the screen looks.
  7. Automatic color changing UI elements that change colors depending upon your wallpaper - especially on a dialer & other buttons
  8. Every app is redesigned. This includes changed UI for default apps like Notes, Newsstand and Game Center
  9. Improved, smoother animations across UI
  10. Completely redesigned Phone app & Dialer
  11. New Icons (Flatter colors without the conventional Glossy overlay. Not like Windows 8 Metro Icons)
  12. LIVE icons: For example; a Clock icon will show the same system time we see in top-center
  13. New Wallpapers (with new default – obviously)
  14. Live Wallpapers have Parallax scrolling.
  15. You can disable these under Settings > General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion
  16. New default icon (for before an app downloads its own – during installation)
  17. New Recovery Screen
  18. Changed boot screen
  19. Network signal bars are changed now to circles
  1. Animated Weather app
  2. Semi-parallax scrolling in Messages app
  3. Bar-code scanning
  4. Passbook now has SCAN CODE feature
  5. iTunes Radio (iRadio) – Apple’s very own music streaming service, its free with ads & is built right into. For US only.
  6. iCloud Keychain: Store your multiple passwords on cloud, ready to be used on any iOS or Mac device, any time.
  7. Improved Notification Center - now available on lock-screen with same Swipe-down gesture
  8. It has new tab called TODAY; that shows forecast, birthdays or anything that goes for daily routine
  9. Another tab called MISSED; it shows alerts we missed in last 24 hours for quick glance to know what’s what.
  10. Control Center: swipe-up from bottom of the display Settings Toggle (For WiFi, Airplane, Brightness, Bluetooth, and Cellular Data etc). 3G is now widely used, so there won’t be any toggle specifically for it.
  11. Control Center also has quick access to items like Camera, Timer, Flashlight and Calculator
  12. Spotlight doesn’t have a separate page – Now we can swipe-down from within the APP grid to get access to it. (This is separate from how we pull-down notification center)
  13. Improved Offline Voice Control – like on older devices. So, Siri won’t need Internet connection all the time.
  14. New multi-tasking with card-based previews - now we’ll be able to preview what’s happening on other running apps.
  15. In new multitasking cards – Swipe up to remove app from the list
  16. AirDrop for file transfers over WiFi or NFC (Bluetooth is old school, is it?) – Sad news: Not for iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S.
  17. Video Sharing via iCloud is now available
  18. New Smart downloading of TV Episodes
  19. Activation Lock: Thieves cannot reactivate the phone if they try to disableFind My iPhone because it now requires Apple ID to exit.
  20. Notification Sync with all devices
  21. FaceTime Audio
  22. FaceTime is now a separate app
  23. Improved App Store
  24. App Store shows – Popular Apps near your geo-location.
  25. App Store will intelligently schedule updates
  26. The most-used apps will get higher priority for updates in the background
  27. No need for manual updates. Auto updates can be run in the background
  28. App updates will adjust according to the available network conditions automatically.
  29. Connected Apps: More sharing options such as Vimeo, Dropbox & more if such apps are installed so, you can share most with the world through any preferred app. (Again, very similar to system-wise sharing on Android)
  30. Improved Siri – again, New Interface (Yes, it needs plenty of improvements to catch up with Google’s Voice search)
  31. New voices in Siri: A new female voice and a new male voice. Both sound more realistic. (Male voice not available yet in iOS 7 Beta 1)
  32. New international voices
  33. Siri can now change phone settings like brightness etc
  34. Siri can now search within Twitter and Wikipedia
  35. Siri now has in-app experience & does not need to open Safari or any other app often
  36. New CAR integration. Many automobile manufacturers integrating iOS in car systems by 2014.
  37. Improved Maps
  38. System-wide integration for Flickr (Yes. Ever wondered why Flickr started offering 1TB free space?)
  39. Improved Notes app with ability to insert images
  40. Pages within the folders
  41. Communication & interlinking between apps, like Notes, Calendar and Reminders. Or between Address Book & Reminder – for call back alerts etc.
  42. More improvements on iCloud Backup
  43. Ability to share photos in other people’s photo streams.
  44. Improved battery life when multi-tasking
  45. New Photo Gallery automatically organizes pictures depending upon when & where they were taken.
  46. Zoom out to year-wise view to see pattern of pictures & then tap/scrub to zoom-in.
  47. Square camera mode for Instagram like pictures.
  48. New Instagram-like LIVE filters in Camera (Supports iPhone 5 & above)
  49. Filters on photos (like above. Supports iPhone 4 & iPhone 4S)
  50. Camera app also has quick access to capture modes like Stills, Video, Panorama
  51. Easy placement for HDR on/off
  52. Clicking pictures is faster than before
  53. Improved refresh rate – so it shows less distortion when capturing TV screens
  54. 60-fps video capture
  55. Support for Game Controllers
  56. Per app VPN access
  57. Support for longer MMS

New Improved Safari

  1. Improved Safari with Tab Overview feature with smooth 3D animation
  2. Safari full-screen interface
  3. Smart search field
  4. One tap access to all the favorites
  5. Parental Controls in Safari
  6. Do Not Track option in Safari
  7. Safari’s new Reading List with seamless scrolling
  8. More than 8 tabs can stay open in Safari
  9. Easy Private Browsing: New Safari now has Private Browsing option added on front-end when we tap to open a New Tab. Very similar to what we have in Google Chrome for iOS

  1. Password Generator within Safari – It can generate passwords that are highly difficult to guess.
  2. Pinch to show Weather overview of all the locations added in the app
  3. Swipe between days in calendar
  4. Gesture Back Button: Swipe from left edge of the screen to go back to the App
  5. Mail app also uses the new back gesture.
  6. Smart Mailboxes
  7. ‘Mark all as read’ is now available
  8. Slide across to email message in inbox to delete
  9. Mail shows relative time for updates such as Updated 5 mins ago
  10. Hotmail is now
  11. View PDF annotations
  12. Complete music purchase history available under Library (You can disable this)
  13. Stream purchased music if it is not yet downloaded on the device.
  14. Block Phone Calls, Facetime calls and Messages
  15. Text message bubbles now have clear visibility for Date and Time
  16. Italian, Dutch and Korean dictionaries
  17. Handwriting recognition for multiple Chinese characters
  18. Chinese – English bilingual dictionary
  19. Night mode for Maps
  20. Inclinometer to track tilt-movements
  21. Bookmark sync for Maps across devices
  22. Turn-by-turn walking directions
  23. WiFi HostSpot 2.0: Automatic connections to the WiFi when they’re available to save Cellular Data Usage & save task of choosing WiFi’s every time
  24. Bing is the new default search engine for Siri (Apple dumping Google – nah, I am not liking it though)
  25. Improved features for Enterprise users in security and usability
  26. Enterprise users: Better protection over work & personal data
  27. Single-signon for enterprises
  28. Wireless app configurations
  29. Enterprise: Volume app license purchases on App Store
  30. Per App Cellular Data settings (under the Settings app)
  31. Do Not Disturb has its own space under Settings with more fine tuning options.
  32. Accessibility now has option to change system-wide font size. Apps supporting Dynamic Type API will use this font-size to display within their apps.
  33. Power Button: On and OFF lights now fades-in & out nicely.
  34. Kids Apps section for easily finding kids related apps
  35. Add app to wish list: App Store now has option to add apps in a wish-list for revisiting them later.
  36. When using Facetime – whatever is being captured by the front-camera appears as a background when in Contacts or other apps.
  37. Maps in 3D mode shows what part of the World is night-time, when zoomed-out all the way. (Thanks Levi for sharing this)
  38. There is something called Trust Store with some numbers under Settings. Nothing is known yet – do you know?
  39. Redeem Gift Card using iPhone camera: You can Hold a gift card in front of the camera showing the code. (its optional – and we can also enter gift codes manually)
  40. App Downloads: 3 Apps can be downloaded simultaneously. (ThanksLevi)
  41. When you Snooze an Alarm; it shows how much time is left – before it goes off again. (Thanks Christopher Peckham for emailing this)
  42. ‘TODAY’ in Notification center shows context based alerts such as Traffic, Weather and time needed to reach destination. (This is very similar to what Google Now cards show up in Notification Drawer on Android)
  43. A Blue dot now shows up next to an app on the home screen when it needs on be updated
  44. When you have music playing and the phone locks, you double tap the home button to bring up the music controls and they stay even after the screen times out. (Thanks Christopher Peckham)
  45. Safari: You can dismiss tabs by swiping them to left. No need to tap on ‘x’ close button. (Thanks Nicholas Osborne)
  46. Photo Filters can be removed any time & you can restore your original picture.
  47. Tencent Weibo integration. It’s a Chinese micro-blogging website.
  48. Newsstand app can be moved inside a folder.
  49. Recording Videos: We can now pinch-to-zoom while recording videos
  50. We can now take screenshots while recording videos (Thanks chummel90 for these two)
  51. Tap and select multiple text messages to delete or forward them (Thanks Christopher Peckham)
  52. Count-down timer shows on lock-screen , below clock.
  53. When setting Hour or Minutes under any app (Calendar, Clock etc) – if you double tap on either of them – it switches to 5 minute intervals (5 , 10, 15) and all minutes (1, 2, 3).
  54. Smart App Updates: Updating apps will only download the changed chunk of the app. Similar to what Android introduced with Jelly Bean update. It will make more sense when they have introduced auto-updating the apps. This feature is not mentioned anywhere yet, thanks to our reader Levi who shared this observation. See comment below for details. We will confirm this with ongoing beta versions.
  55. Request permission to use Microphone: Apps will now ask permission to allow using device’s microphone
  56. Option to use Apple Maps alternative: Siri now asks whether to use Apple Maps or any other maps app already installed on the device, giving more options for users to choose better Apple Maps alternative if required – such as Google Maps.
  57. Back Button: Apple is bringing a way to go back on-screen using gestures. We will be able to configure them from settings
  58. QR code scanner for adding cards into Passbook. (included in API)
  59. Link calendar events in text messages: Text messages can now check & link calendar events. So, we can just tap to add them into the calendar easily.
  60. Hide default apps: Apple is planning to bring with future beta versions a way to hide default built-in apps to avoid clutter… especially if you have & prefer alternative to iOS’s default apps. (Not available in Beta 1)

IOS 7 Beta 2 Features

  1. Siri is faster than earlier version.
  2. Siri will seek your help if she is unable to pronounce your name the first time. You can also send command to (him/her) later to make it improve.
  3. Turn-off Parallax under Accessibility
  4. Change in animation when the text is sent
  5. Stronger Password suggestion for Personal Hotspot on WiFi
  6. Music controls stays on lock screen without double-tapping the home button
  7. Participant initials shown right along the bubble while in iMessage Group Chat
  8. Also, if you have a nickname set under Contacts – the same will show up in messages.
  9. Safari UI Improvements – it looks much flatter now. (Does it?)
  10. New Safari Tab (like on Chrome) to show Favorites (or most-visited) websites (Thanks Levi)
  11. Improvements on Notification Center readability
  12. Traffic option in Notification Center
  13. iTunes and App Store related options are under combined Settings.
  14. New Nike+iPod Icon
  15. Notification bubbles for App icons are slightly bigger in size.
  16. Head Movement Gesture (Left-Right): Under Accessibility> Switch Controls; we’re able to activate head gestures to do functions such as go to Home, open Notification Center, open Siri, tapping or increase sound, etc. See video demo at the bottom of this page.
  17. App Store app now shows list of all the apps by a developer if you tap on their name under app descriptions. (Thanks Nicholas Osborne)

IOS 7 Beta 3 Features

  1. Notification Center & Control Center background is more blurred & is now very close to being flatter & darker. The same is used across multiple such areas throughout the OS now. Looks much clean & neat.
  2. New animation for opening Spotlight Search
  3. .com keyboard key is no more available for Safari. Its been replaced by a simple period button and domain extensions are available after long holding the period button
  4. Status bar icons are slightly bigger for quick visibility (I guess)
  5. Overall improved font clarity across several areas
  6. Time is displayed on lock screen when Music is playing.
  7. In Calendar on Monthly view – it shows a grey dot underneath the dates for which the events are scheduled.
  8. New animation for when the app is downloading
  9. Apps can be used while the app update is still in progress

IOS 7 Beta 4 Changes & Features

  1. Lock-screen now shows two tiny bars denoting pull-down & pull-ups; each for Notification Center & Control Center
  2. System-wide animations are slightly faster now.
  3. We can now swipe between Today, All, and Missed on Notification Center. It wasn’t happening earlier
  4. New small radius to Phone buttons. Noticeable mainly while incoming call.
  5. We can now dismiss two (or may be more) applications from task manager. See video demo. Not just the iPad but it also works on iPhone. I could easily remove two apps by swiping them out with two fingers.(Thanks Nicholas for highlighting)
  6. New API also includes fingerprint scanning abilities – we can expect something related in next update.
  7. Spotlight search shows most frequent searches with label ‘Top Hits’ when searched for similar. (Probably available from Beta 1 but noticed today. lol )

IOS 7 Beta 5 Changes & Features

  1. Battery charging progress is now Live. It shows the current status on the icon too. (Thanks Zev Seltzer for emailing us)

IOS 7 GM & Final Features / Changes

  1. Many new wallpapers, including those suited for new colored iPhone 5C
  2. New ringtones & alert tones. Download here- Thanks Roger & Moi for sending this in via email & comment. iOS7: Complete List of 194+ New Features posted in WWDC iOS 7 Apple
  3. It’s now easier to pull-up drag the Control Center from wherever the keyboard is showing. Earlier it was only possible from below the dictation mic.
  4. iBeacons – (Works with iPhone 5S I guess) Apple ditched using NFC chip & instead have decided to work with something called Beacons that uses Bluetooth 4 or Bluetooth Smart. It is also believed that NFC chips will start seeing decrease due to higher Internet availability. The topic itself is very detailed & can be debatable for few. However, I would suggest you toread more about iBeacons on Gigaom’s article.
  5. Focus using Volume Down button: Now we can gently tap (don’t press hard) on Volume Down button to focus pictures. No need to tap on-screen. However, I don’t find this too convenient yet.
  6. Per app cellular data usage & control cellular data use for each app under Settings > Cellular (scroll down to bottom)
  7. Safari shows a list of links shared on Twitter (@) so they can be used easily from the bookmarks / history tabs.

IOS 7.0.3 Features & Updates

  1. Integration of iCloud Keychain across all approved devices
  2. Password Generator integration in Safari for suggestion on stronger passwords
  3. Delay in displaying ‘Slide to unlock on lock-screen when Touch ID is in use
  4. Ability to search Web and Wikipedia from Spotlight Search. (This feature is back again)
  5. iMessage fix for not sending messages
  6. Fixes lock-screen bypass bug
  7. Reduce Motion setting is now minimizes both, Parallax motion as well as system-wide animations. This is how we can turn-off animations in iOS 7. After turning off animations, iOS7 only uses fade-in & fade-out transitions; hence, the phone feels like responding faster than before. (This is good)
  8. iMessage activation issue has been fixed now.
  9. (Continued….) We will be adding more features here…