Hangouts very slow with loading SMS thread (poor coding)

When I downloaded the new updated Hangouts that supports SMS, I was ecstatic. But it loads threads SO SLOWLY. I keep practically all of my texts, and one text thread is over 14000 texts long. Now in the stock SMS app, you can tell it was coded well because when you open up the thread, it loads maybe the past 50 texts, with more loading as you keep scrolling, but otherwise, it doesn't load the entire 14000 messages, just the last 50 or so. In the Hangouts app, it seems like it's loading ALL 14000 MESSAGES, and I know this is poor coding on Google's part, which is sad because they have guidelines that tell developers how to load a limited number of items in a ListView instead of loading all 14000 of them. Because of this, it takes forever for my Hangouts threads to load, which for the time being, has made Hangouts practically unusable for me. Does anyone else has this problem? I would delete my texts and start fresh but that's a sacrifice I just don't want to take.

BTW, I have a Nexus 4, if that matters.