Whats a good HP Laptop?

~ Hello there to the reader ! I'm soon going to buy a new laptop. I prefer HP because after dealing with an HP laptop, it has really done its job and haven't failed me.

~ What I am asking from the HP users or anyone who has enough computer knowledge is welcome. What I'm asking is for a Excellent hp laptop which I'm sure will be up to 900+ to 2,000 but I'll have enough from saving.

~ What I need is a HP laptop for both college and also online gaming. The only Online games I will be playing are(MicroVolts - Rumble Fighter - S4 League) thats pretty much it. When I am playing these mmos , I do not wish for these online games to "force" the laptop to make it do what its needed to support me playing while playing these mmos. When I play these mmos, I am hoping that it will not be a great burden nor bother the laptop at all while I'm playing online. Other then these games, Id be using the laptop for college.

~ I'd like for this laptop to have great performance as well!

~ I do not wish for this HP laptop to lag or freeze or, I'd very much wish for this HP laptop to have a very doubtful chance of freezing while I am fulfilling college works. Thank you for taking your time for reading my question ! take care!