SMS support in Hangouts - so little after so much hype

This was hyped for months, and what we got couldn't be more underwhelming. iMessage/Messages does true seamless messaging - send any type of IM (sms, chat) over any service (txt plan, data/wifi) from any device (phone, desktop, tablet) and it all works seamlessly in a single interface.

Hangouts adds literally nothing more than another SMS client, there are tons of them already in the Play store. It doesn't combine contacts, message threads, allow sms without a txt plan, allow sending from a pc etc.

Google makes some lame excuse about not adding Google Voice support due to competing sms apps, but have no problem doing it for iOS. They don't really have any intention of providing a unified messaging experience, at best it will take another few iterations of Android.

And they block apps like Disa which actually try to do it properly.