[Update] iPhone 5S Loose/Clicky Home Button

Just got a replacement 5S today from the Apple Store due to my home button being slightly "off". It took about a month of use to develop, but here's what happened. When you lay your finger on the very right edge of the home button and apply a little pressure and let up repeatedly (without actually pressing it, and must be on the right edge) you can feel it almost rubbing against something. When it's up to your ear you can hear a very slight "click" sound.

The Genius didn't hear it at first, so he took it to the back room to escape the noise and could hear it as well. I checked the iPhone 5S display models as well, and one of them had the same exact problem with the home button.

Overall, I just wanted to let you guys know my findings, and was wondering if anyone else can recreate the same thing on theirs or it's just a select few from launch day that develop this.

Update: Today my replacement 5S started having the same exact issue with the home button. This brings the total to 3. One at the Apple store display had the issue, my original 5S had it, and now my replacement. I wonder if Apple is aware of this issue yet, because it could be a huge problem (Not that the average consumer cares probably).