I, for one, welcome our Unapologetically Plastic Overlords.

I was an iPhone user from 2007 through the iPhone 5. Like so many others, I coveted the iPhone's premium build quality and the Apple innovation aura. New iPhone? oh god please let me be eligible for an upgrade! There was no other phone worth considering.

Then I found myself bored with iOS 6.x and the iPhone's display size, so I switched to the HTC One. It was, at the time, the only phone that got me excited as much as the iPhone used to - I bought the 64GB Developer Edition, which I converted to a Google Play Edition, and it has been great. It's metal, it's beautiful, it's slim, it's light, and it's fast.

Except...except that like the iPhone, the One is fragile and expensive. I dare not carry it without at least nominal protection (0.3mm case), since I don't want to be facing a potential $650 replacement if I drop it. I actually can't really carry it without some kind of case, because the metal is too slippery. I'm starting to get sick of having to protect something that is constantly in danger.

Also, since the 5S and5C came out, I have noticed the way that some people talk about getting the iPhone. They want the new one. They cannot explain why, they just want it. They want the gold one. They get it, and they put it in a "Lifeproof" or Otterbox case. The allure of the new Premium Device is starting to feel thin and meaningless.

To me, the Nexus 4 was a phone full of compromises. Meh screen, no LTE, no 32GB, etc. You may disagree, but there is no denying that the N4 did not capture the hearts and minds of the mass market. The Nexus 5, however, seems to check all the right boxes. The Nexus line isn't about the back of the phone...the laser-guided industrial design that I never get to interact with because it's in a case....it's about what comes out of the front. For the N5, it's 5'', 1080p, Snapdragon 800-sized hole...and for a price that makes it *replaceable.*

And that's the point. I think now is a good time for these phones to stop being luxury items. We spent the last several years coveting and devoutly doting upon these devices. If 1080p and Snapdragon 800 can be in a $300 device, then there's no reason why we have to carry $800 devices. Smartphones are ubiquitous, and for many people, they look like whatever case you have on them. Maybe devices that are $300 *on contract* should go the way of the Vertu. Maybe it's not a good thing that iPhones are such a target for theft that the police are asking Apple to increase their security.

Let me be clear: i'm neither an apple hater nor an android elitist. I'm a tech enthusiast. A $300 phone with premium features steals the Upgrade power from carriers and makes smartphones replaceable. I think this is great. Can't wait to see some more reviews.