pictures of worn Apple 5S leather Cases


I'm a fan of the original 5S leather Case from Apple but i couldn't yet make the step to order it. Price and the fact that my AmazonBasics Lightning Cables won't fit has held me back. Still, I anticipate that the leather feel would be great on my phone. I cannot stand my Speck and Switcheasy Cases. Too bulky and sharp plastic residues annoy me.

Mike Flaminio from Insanelygreatmac posted a video on youtube and complained about how his red Case changed color but anyhow I really like this look where the red leather gets darker on the edges. Since I also would like the blue one, I searched the internet about threads or pictures of people with worn blue cases but couldn't find any.

Can anybody of you post pictures of the wear and tear of your 5S leather cases?

Thank you very much!