Microsoft - a missed opportunity.

I have the 360. Still have a W8 desktop. Got a Lumia 920. Considering the Nokia tablet. Will get the Xbox One.

How should that combo work? It should be a unified, intertwining, all conquering experience. No other company has the potential to pull that off, and if they had managed it, I'm confident that all hardware divisions in MS would see a boom in sales.

I should be able to stream media between all devices, no matter what my location is. Explore my desktop - or my cloud files - on my Lumia/Surface, then stream my music, films etc at a touch. Equally, streaming photos, videos or music from WP8 to Xbox should be a built in MS feature, using Play to. I should be able to use the portable devices to access the touchscreen features of my desktop. Yes, there are 3rd party apps available for that, but they're awful. How about accessing the Xbox marketplace on the portables, choosing a game to download so that it's ready to play on the console when I get home? Imagine using the camera on the Xbox as a security feature, with motion sensing enabled which notifies me when there's movement, and showing me what's happening at home?

There are so many ways where interaction between the devices could make the choice between a One/PS4, iPad/Surface, iOS/Android/Wp a no brainer, because it would be the only OS combo connecting home/work, entertainment and communications.
Apparently, MS are heading towards unifying the OS's, but I can't see them taking advantage of the possibilities as it stands. They are still prioritising MS software on Android and iOS over WP - absolute lunacy. Yes, they are a software company, but if they are releasing desktop clients on iOS and Android way before WP, then why even bother with a mobile OS? Why do I have to enter my email and password whenever I access Skydrive on my Lumia, but not on my HTC One or iPad?

I thought I saw MS's vision when I became an early WP7 adopter. It was bleeding obvious what they should produce - instead, the only bridging software we have is Smartglass - and the less said about that, the better.

Apparently, WP is slowly on the rise. A choice of prices and hardware, a stable OS and some innovative features mean that WP is hitting double figure market share throughout Europe, and overtaking iPhone in some markets. Imagine how many converts MS could achieve if a potential customer embedded in the iOS/Android ecosystem looked at one of these devices, and saw that WP had the ability to do as I described above.