Considering a Nexus - Thoughts

As the title says, I'm thinking about moving from an iPhone 5 to a Nexus 5.

I'm very much an Apple person (not a fanboi, honest!). I have a MacBook, iPhone, iPad and so on. I bought a Nexus 7 when it was originally released, but ended up selling it in favour of an iPad mini after a few months, because I found most of the apps for it were just larger phone apps, and it was difficult to type on.

My partner got a Nexus 5 a few days ago and I'm really impressed. Google Now feels like everything Siri could have been, the larger screen appears to be quite nice, and KitKat seems great. Android feels a bit more of a coherent system, as opposed to a collection of separate app in silos.

So, I'm thinking of moving my phone to Android (tablet-wise I'm perfectly happy with iOS, I like to play games). I was wondering if anybody has made the same switch and if they have any advice? The main concerns I have are:

  • Will the phone still be snappy in a year (To be fair iOS can have this issue)
  • Are the third party apps as good (I've not used enough of them to really know)
  • I miss the landscape of a few years ago when you didn't need to 'have concerns' about this stuff and just bought whichever phone looked cool. Damn operating system exclusives!
Anyway, feel free to chip in your thoughts :) I know it's kind of a non-dilemma and doesn't really matter, but I like to do my research before buying something!