Things that make it difficult for you to leave the Apple ecosystem?

Here are a few of mine:

1. Photostream - Being able to see the pictures you take on your iPhone and iPad in once place and also on the Apple TV is incredibly convenient.

2. iPhone iTunes Backup - Apple has the backup process down pat. Makes it very easy to switch or upgrade phones. You can have the new device set up as the old device in less than 10 mins and be up and running.

3. AirPlay using Apple TV - Being able to cast (pun intended) your iPhone or iPad screen on to the big screen has never been easier.

4. App compatibility between the iPhone and iPad - iPad apps look great and not like a stretched out iPhone app.

5. iMessage and Facetime - Most of my friends and family members use iPhones, making iMessage and Facetime attractive features.

All these things working together so seamlessly makes the Apple ecosystem difficult to leave for me.