I have the Dell Venue Pro 8 and its really nice.

I am loving Windows 8 on this thing. It flies! Smooth, apps load quickly, so much better than my surface rt, the build quality is great. I also had my hands on the Lenovo Mix 8 and much preferred the Dell. They have built a solid device here.

Windows finally have a decent ipad mini / nexus 7 alternative. Gaming is sweet on this size. Holding the tablet to read in portrait is excellent! In fact i primarily use portrait mode 80% of the time compared to using my RT in landscape.

I rarely use desktop. Metro is where its at. All i need is an app for optimum cablevision and ill be happy. Internet explorer is smooth!

The pen is pretty disappointing though. The nib already fell off. Ill ask Dell for a replacement.

I got the 64gb model for $329 from amazon. I have about 22gb of music i kept offline in SkyDrive and i have about 18gb free after apps and office install.

Anyone else got one?