Holy crap I love the Nexus 5

It's been getting some hate around the web since its launch, for different reasons, but I just received mine in the mail after what feels like an eternity, having been forced to use a HTC Desire S as my daily driver ever since I lost my Nexus 4 in my drunken state a few weeks back.

And I've gotta say


This thing is nice.

It's so stealthy and sexy, like something I could see 007 use. So utterly, stupendously fast. I like.

Camera's doing its job just fine, but Google, speed up transitions between HDR+ and normal/automatic shooting mode as well as the focus and shutter lag - and you've got an even bigger winner.

As for battery life, I've only had the phone for half an hour, but not expecting miracles out of 2300mAh combined with a 5inch 1080p display. The display should come with wipers I'm drooling so hard.

External speaker is super-meh. But that 's why I have a pair of B&W P5s. They sound friggin good, Snapdragon 800 DAC driving them really well, at leas to my ears, much better than my N4 did. Blasting comfortably numb is I type this. So numb, yet so so comfortable.

Gonna go back to riding this euphoric wave of getting a new peace of awesome tech. See you on the other side....