I hate the screen of Samsung Galaxy Note3!

Since I used the Samsung for a month,I find that the screen of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is really bad.

Here is the reason.

When I turned the screen brightness to very low, my eyes will feel very uncomfortable.When I was in a dark room ,the screen will get dark. If I watch the screen for a little time,my eyes will get tired very soon.

Today I find the cause.

Because the Refresh rate of the screen will get lower as long as the brightness get dark.You can confirm it by moving your finger back and force quickly in front of the screen, you will find your finger is not coherent,like the CRT monitor.We have used this method to distinguish the refresh rate for a long time.

I feel really angry that the disadvantage of the CRT monitor appears again on the Samsung's flagship phone.

How about your opinion about this?