Nexus 7-free 200 MB on Tmobile? Good gift for 10 yr old?

My 10 year old son is a great kid and I want to get him a great present. He is an avid reader.. he also likes video games

First I was considering getting him a "next-gen" system such as the PS4, but he doesnt seem that into it.

Next, I thought of Kindle Paper White (I have it and love it)


Ipad Touch

but not sure about that combo

On the Apple Forum, someone suggested the Nexus 7 and I'm intrigued. We have mostly Apple products.. so there is a chance he would be confused or disappointed by the Nexus (he shouldnt be, but he may see it as lesser than the ipad/iphone)

A few questions I have:

1) How is reading on the Nexus 7

2) Is the game selection good? I know it isn't as good as the Apple App store, but are most games out for it?

3) Can you get Free 200 MB of data if you get the LTE version with TMobile?

Reading is key. I think he would use a device to read a lot.. Many libraries have digital books to borrow, which is great for him.. I own the paperwhite and love it.. and he seemed to like it when he read on it

Paperwhite + Nexus is probably redundant, right?