Bizarro-world Siri results?

Just wondering if anyone else has run into this issue. Siri's location-based search results seem to be, well, terrible. Couple of examples:

1. I live in Massachusetts. There are Dunkin Donuts EVERYWHERE. I ask Siri where the nearest Dunkin Donuts is, it tells me that it's 9.1 miles away, even though I know for a fact there's one less than a mile away.

2. I'm in Vermont. I ask Siri where the nearest ATM is. It tells me the closest ATM is 50 miles away, IN CANADA. I know northern VT is pretty sparsely settled, but I ended up finding an ATM less than 5 miles away.

In both cases, I was able to type what I was searching for ("dunkin donuts" or "atm") into Apple Maps and was provided with the expected results with no problem. So what's the deal with Siri?