Moving to Android on T-Mobile: Suggested Plan of Attack? *Update*

Hi Googleplex,

I received my Nexus 5 a few days ago and after consideration of carrier options, I have chosen the T-Mobile $30 5GB plan. There is a lot of discussion online that I have looked through that has been moderately helpful, but with the new features in 4.4 like Hangout MMS, I would like to gather suggestions on switching from an iPhone on Verizon, to a Nexus 5 on T-Mobile.

My Current Set-Up:

  • iPhone 4S w/ iMessage
  • Verizon
  • Mac w/ Chrome and iMessage

What I would like to achieve:

  • Keep my phone number, same number outgoing and ingoing for calls
  • MMS + SMS combined as seamless as possible, I don't want to miss any messages
  • Visual Voicemail

Online, the suggested route has been to use Google Voice. As I understand it, this would prevent me from having a seamless MMS + SMS experience, as GV only does SMS. Has this situation changed in any way with hangouts? Is there another path that you suggest that minimizes the compromises?
Additionally, how is Google Voice and Hangouts related? Can I send MMS messages to my friends using Hangouts with my GV number, and receive them from that number, or will MMS messages be lost in the void if they send to the GV number?

Thanks for your help!

*Update* :

I forgot to mention a few things, namely that 100 mins is fine for me, and that I use a decent amount of data, so the 500mb $50 plan would not be a good solution.

I seem to have narrowed down my options to two paths after reading some comments:

Option 1 "Google Voice" :

  • Port Current # to GV
  • Get New # from T-Mobile, calls go to my GV #, calls are masked on their way out
  • Con: Lose the ability to receive MMS from AT&T/Verizon users (they would think I received the MMS when I had not)
  • Con: Can only send SMS for now, until at least early 2014
  • Con: Poor Hangouts / GV integration
  • Pro: Visual Voice Mail + other features like transcription
  • Pro: Can switch carriers easily, Google updates feature once in a while
  • Con: Google may phase out GV in the future

Option 2 "Port to T-Mobile":

  • Port # to T-Mobile only
  • Con: No Visual Voicemail edit: Thanks ronakg
  • Con: Number could be lost if I don't pay bill / follow terms
  • Pro: Simplest option / Least work
  • Pro: Proper MMS + Call solution
  • Pro: Can switch to GV in the future easily
  • Con: Hangouts would just be used like old SMS/MMS app, not as an iMessage replacement

Currently, I am leaning towards Option 2. It seems to have the least compromises, and once Google integrates GV and Hangouts better in 2014, I can switch.

Any opinions / things to add?