So I've been considering buying a Surface 2

Basically, for the past year and a half (or so) I've been using a Samsung Chromebook and a Nexus 7 as my primary means of browsing the internet and consuming media, with a Windows 8.1 desktop that I use as a media server and for gaming. That is, up until about a month ago when my girlfriend unknowingly sat on the Nexus while it was on the couch and shattered the screen, and then about a week later, I sat on the Chromebook while it was under some blankets... and shattered the screen. Needless to say, we are now very careful about where we're sitting down.

Anyway, I brought my old 1st gen iPad out of retirement and I've been using that while I sit around the house, but it is TERRIBLE, so I really need to get something to replace it. I really like the idea of a Surface, and I have almost no interest in another iPad or Nexus 7. I like Windows 8.1 on the desktop, and I know I'll like it even more on the form factor it was actually designed for.

I just have a few questions about it.

  1. How much free storage is there on the 32 GB model? Basically can I get away with being a cheapskate and buying the $450 model, since I'm not exactly rich and the keyboard is gonna cost extra anyway. I don't plan on storing any music or movies locally, as I have streaming services for all of those things.
  2. Can you uninstall all/parts of Office? The only program in the suite I could ever see myself using would be Word, and even that I still doubt I'd ever need. I'm not a student, and I don't run a business, so I don't really have a use for it. I figure I can save some storage space by getting rid of it.
  3. Type Cover or Touch Cover? I like the thinness of the Touch Cover and from what I've read the new one is almost as good as typing on a real keyboard. Is the Type Cover that much better that the extra weight and thickness are worth it? (the difference is price is so little, I consider it a non-issue)
  4. How long does the Surface 2's battery last when its in standby? I know the battery life when you're actually using is is pretty good, but in your experience, how long will the thing last if I just set it down and don't touch it?
And before anyone suggests it; No I don't want to get a Surface Pro. I just don't need the extra horsepower if it means having a thicker, heavier device. Also I like the silver exterior on the Surface 2 a lot better than the black on the Pro. I know it can run legacy apps, but since I've happily used a Chromebook as my primary computer for the last 3 years, I don't really feel like I need or want any of them on my laptop/tablet... thing. (thats what the desktop is for.)
Thanks for your input :)