Forbes calls Xbox One as early winner; commentariat explodes

In some interesting analysis using data released by "social listener" LeadSift, Forbes wrote an article saying that this holiday, Xbox might beat out Playstation in purchases--but only just, with a margin of 1.5:1 respectively.

Who might actually be the big winner? The data says Steam might just have the edge and beat all expectations with their console.

The comments though? Lots of misinformation and fear-mongering: 720p #4eva! NSA! M$ will reverse their policies, JUST YOU WAIT! Kinect will spy on you for advertising! There is almost a willful ignorance of any debunking information or clarification from MS on policies, procedures and rights. Even more so, there are baseless accusations against the writer concerning his affiliation with MS (stock owner? Lackey? Shill, even?)

There are few pro-Xbox One comments, and it leads to an interesting question: does this go against the analysis put forward by LeadSift? Does this mean that XBO buyers simply aren't on the web? If they are why aren't they commenting? How will these overwhelmingly negative views on less tech/game websites affect buyers behaviour?

Still, a good read and should put the fear of god in both MS and Sony with regards to Steam.