Did Rich Miner of Google just confirm a partnership and a $199 off contract Moto G?

"Miner argued that the average consumer "still prefers a subsidized device" right now, but that Google Ventures is hoping to change that. "We’ve made an investment in one company that we’re not going to make public right now" Miner revealed, "that is going to affect that space."" – Google’s Rich Miner on tomorrow’s smartphones" [slashgear]

There was an investor meeting for Republic Wireless a few months ago back in August or whatever. Anyway, during the meeting someone took a picture of a slide that shown off there at the meeting. The slide was a pictore advertisement of the $199 Moto G. Now today, Republic Wireless has a big announcement to make. That hould be quite interesting. Also I remember, Sundar Pichai confirming that Google and Verizon was a on a series of projects together and evleaks leaking the Moto G for them too.