A laptop hinge isn't something you’re supposed to think about: it opens so you can use your computer, closes when you’re done. The end. But Lenovo’s turned its swiveling parts into a genuine differentiator: the Yoga range of Windows 8 PCs is powerful, well-crafted, and eminently flexible, able to pull double duty as laptop and tablet. It’s one of the few hybrid devices I’ve seen that truly works.

Now the Chinese company is branching out, bringing hinge-induced flexibility to even more devices. It starts with the new Yoga Tablets, 8- and 10-inch Android slates that include built-in stands. At $249 for the smaller model and $299 for the larger, the Yoga Tablets are one part Nexus 7, one part Microsoft Surface 2 — and one part Ashton Kutcher.

Lenovo convinced me once that I should care about the hinges on my devices. I was ready to learn again, to find myself wondering why on Earth my iPad couldn’t stand up by itself. And then I found myself sitting down at my desk, propping up my Yoga Tablet, and trying to get down to work. Trying.