2013 N7-good buy?

I'm thinking about getting the 2013 Nexus 7 around the holiday season. It will hopefully replace my 9'' tablet, and, to some extent, my iPod touch. Are there any killer flaws/features that aren't already covered in reviews? How's the battery/how do I make it better? Also, I'm not completely sold on the N7, so if anyone has a good alternate choice, I'm open. My other questions are as follows:

1. Will the 'Google Experience' launcher for Kitkat be available on the N7 ? So far I've heard a lot of controversy.

2. How long will it be supported by Google? (I assume 18 months)

3. How long will it be actively updated if I use CyanogenMod or other popular ROMS?

4. Besides the screen, how does it compare to the $300 original iPad Mini?

5. How common are the 'random reboots' and other issues that some users experience?


Update: Note that I'm not very concerned about the app ecosystems of Android tablets-I find that in a small tablet, tablet apps aren't really that useful.