Android (Nexus 5) quirks

Hello Googleplex, I recently bought a Nexus 5 and have logged some of my experience as a new Android as part of this help needed post here.

After using it for a full week now, I have few more nitpicks on Android.

Music controls - Why is there no single music control for all music apps still in Android? Coming from WP and iOS, this is annoying. In WP, it used to be simple as press the volume button, and use the controls. For any app. Control center in iOS does the same. I use multiple music apps (Play Music, Spotify, Pandora, Rdio, Podcast Addict, Songza) and each have its own way of presenting controls. Also, to use it, I've to pull down the notification bar by unlocking the phone with a PIN or use a widget.

Photos & Gallery - Guess, it's a Nexus 5 only problem. But seriously, why there are two apps? I'm using Photos now as it's pretty but Gallery is more functional. And Photos does some new things as well which are missing in Gallery. I understand they are Google & AOSP versions and it's not really a problem that there are 2 apps. I'm just confused which one to use.

Power control widget - When I turn off the location from the widget, it doesn't really turn it off inside settings. I make it a habit now to go inside settings and turn it off again.

Random information messages - I sometimes get random messages like "Clipboard cleared" or "Connection established" at the bottom of the screen. I've no idea what is happening. Whether it's system information or some app, I've no idea. It goes away quickly but really would like to turn it off and the message has no context.

Persistent notification for some apps - Some apps insist to live in the notification bar to avoid being killed. They take up valuable space for real notifications. Can Google not group them all separately? Or is it just a hack by app developers because there is no better way of doing it?

Press enter after PIN - Yes, minor but one extra tap for some 50 times I unlock my phone daily.

Swipe down for notification shade - It's not really a bad gesture but as Android requires me to pull notification shade multiple times daily and with a big phone and one handed use, I've to adjust my phone in palm and pull down the notification area. It's hard really. More hard is the two finger slide down. IMO, the slide down works for small screens and two handed use but it's hard for single handed use on big phones. Any app or shortcut which I can have on my launcher which will launch notification area and quick settings? It will allow me to use the phone in single hand without fear of dropping the phone every time.

Nevertheless, I'm enjoying my phone and will certainly be complaining more as I use the phone. :-)