Your thoughts on Youtube/Chrome/Google+

I posted 3 different topics because I don't want to create 3 separate forum posts for this.

Youtube :

I have to say that comment system is little confusing for me and I don't like it.I am not against Integrating G+ into youtube.Its a nice addition in unification of google services.

I am seeing more spam comments than before and saddest part is they are top comments.Its exactly opposite to my initial reaction.I thought comments would become lot better but they have turned worse.I hope this situation improves with time.

Some videos have pretty nice comments section as before while some have turned extremely bad.

That being said , I will use youtube like before but I will take holiday from comment section for a while.


Chrome :

I don't care about Google blocking external extensions.Currently I am still trying out all extensions suggested by plex members, slowly until the list is exhausted.Currently my favorite one is Magic actions for youtube.

Chrome is default on my PC.On my phone , I am using built-in browser.Chrome lags horribly on Android , so not using it.

I tried IE but extensions are keeping me away from leaving chrome and I am satisfied with chrome.

"Noisy" Tabs seem to be nice feature on latest beta.


Google+ :

Not using it mainly because only few using it but I am using hangouts/gmail/youtube etc. a lot like before.I like UI/design and everything about Google+ but I still need to learn little bit how to use it.My newsfeed is filled with random stuff.I don't know how :)

I turned of g+ app on phone , but I will try to use it some time this week and next , to see if I will like it.After youtube comments integration , I am just in urge of trying g+ and give it a few tries.