[Updated 12/5] Nexus 5 Static Noise (Now w/ 4.4.1)

***UPDATED 1/2/2014***

The Final Update: I ended up returning my N5 and going to the Moto X. Pretty happy with the phone. Miss the camera on the N5 and the light performance boost, but the X is an overall better phone for me.

***Past Updates***

Update 6: So installed 4.4.1 hoping it would fix the audio static issue. It seems louder now actually. Still not fixed. Sample... easier to hear when you play it through your phone speaker... makes me wonder if its just the speaker and not the mic. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IPbQOwF2piM

Update 5: After hearing about the CyberMonday deal, I figured I'd give it another shot and call Google Support. They once again INSISTED that it is a hardware issue and told me to RMA. Claiming they haven't heard of this issue before. This will be my 4th RMA device. In addition, Android Police has posted about the issue now. More people must be getting their devices.

Update 4: Got the 3rd device. Same issue. I give up at this point. Hopefully google puts out a software fix soon. One thing I noticed, the backs on the white ones have different feels. The second device had a softer matte finish, where as the 1st and 3rd have a coating on it.

Update 3: They are making this into an "emerging issue" they say... Third device will arrive tomorrow. They're not saying its software, they insist its a hardware bug.

Update 2: I got the second Nexus... that one had even louder audio bugs in silence. It seems like its something to do with noise canceling, but I'm not sure why it would vary so greatly be device.

Update 1: So I called Google support and they instantly said it was a hardware bug and are sending out a replacement device.


Anybody else noticing static noise when recording? You may want to turn the volume up. I'm thinking its an issue with the Noise Cancellation mic, but not sure. It's more pronounced in silence. My brother's N5 has it even louder.

Here are some more examples:

And another, more extreme (its very loud) example... seems to vary by device...