iPad Mini with Retina Display Size Advice

Hey guys, wanted your opinions on this since you are an experienced bunch :-).

Which memory capacity do you recommend for an iPad Mini that will be a "laptop" replacement (I already have a powerful desktop at home), the 16GB or 32GB?

I have been thinking about this over and over. First a bit about myself: I don't download music or movies (I stream via Spotify and Netflix). I am an avid reader, and it would be nice to have my book collection widely available using a tablet, and I also have a subscription to some digital magazines. I play games (I have Deus Ex the Fall, Infinity Blade 1 and 2, and am looking forward to 3), and appreciate quality (That is, I enjoy a good engaging title before casual gaming as Angry Birds). Lastly, I have read so much about the possibility of using the iPad Mini as a productivity tool (Word Processing, light coding), that I wouldn't want to regret getting the wrong size.

I am in a pickle. Every time I think about saving money, I think of getting the 16 GB. Then I read online that the recommended size is 32 for X, Y, and Z, and change my mind. What do you guys/gals recommend?


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