App Reviews

So I had an idea for a forum discussion. I know in the past we have had several Favorite App or Best Designed App posts but how about a post where we review any app that we have downloaded in the past week or so. The review does not even have to be an app you enjoyed, it can detail an app that you really did not like or felt indifferent too.

I'll start with File Manager by Gira. url:

I stumbled upon this app looking for a file manager that would allow me to use the SuperBeam app (which it did not). Overall its a pretty solid file app with a well designed holo interface. One downside of the app is it has some pretty intrusive ads if you do not pay for the full version. I will probably stick to using the default cyanogen file manager though as somewhat better aesthetics are not enough to make me change my routine. It is a great app though if you are looking for a good file manager and don't mind spending a few bucks.