Microsoft can easily beat Google and Apple with the cloud (Part 1)

When IBM, Microsoft and Apple introduced computing technology, the idea being having a computer was to have a machine that one can use to rapidly complete lot of tasks. As new technology were being introduced, computers had gotten smarter at accomplishing certain tasks. Whether it was using a calculator, editing photo and video, file storage; these were the things anyone could do very quickly with a computer. Nevertheless, it was a very isolated experience. Once you are not in front of your screen, the magic of computing technology was not the same. Then something interesting happened: the invention of the API and IDE. With a nascent technology, computer ceased to be on an insulated island. Software applications were being created. I am don't remember exactly who said it, whether it was Steve Job or Bill Gates or someone else, but having a computer was not necessarily about the computer; what was important is what one can do with it. The idea of what you can do with it was what pushed by company like Microsoft, IBM, and Apple to create IDE, API which would allow developers to create software applications. On the early age of desktop, Microsoft had arguably created the best IDE, and this still maybe the case today. Millions of software applications were created for Windows operating system. Apple, on the other hand, had great hardware but did not have the plethora of applications available on Windows to attract the masses. Sure, they built great hardware, but most of the apps were created for Windows. In fact, one of the argument that was repeatedly pronounced when someone chooses a Windows-based computer over a Mac was the comparatively large of numbers of software applications that were available for Windows. Microsoft won the war on the desktop. Apple understand that it was going to practically impossible to have the number of applications compare to Windows, so they focused on creating beautiful hardware, with an operating system that was very robust against virus. They marketed Mac as virus free and they made the Mac line a luxury brand. It worked to a certain extent because they dominate the sale of higher hand hardware, nonetheless; it was never conducive to large market gain. Meanwhile, Microsoft was busy enjoying the success that they have with Windows and the millions of applications that were available. Plus, price of windows-based computer were relatively more affordable than Apple hardware.

But with the creation of the internet, software applications importance was increasingly becoming was accentuated. Sure, there were these must-have applications such as Microsoft office, Adobe Photoshop, AutoCAD, but there were a lot that one could do with a browser. Still, Microsoft were still dominating the desktop market due to the number of applications that were available for Windows operating system. Google, in the meantime understood the importance of the internet and took advantage of Microsoft and apple missteps, and become a giant of the web. I mean google is synonym to search. This is how powerful Google has become. As result, Microsoft and Apple could not do anything to battle google on the web sphere. Sure Microsoft bundling Internet explorer with Windows gave them the advantage of guaranteed exposure but Chrome was that good, that did not stop Chrome from getting considerable market share. In fact, most people could get by with only a browser. With google and many other online services, software application stopped being the norm for a successful platform. Microsoft should do the same when it comes to Windows phone, but how?

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