Moving to T-Mobile...what to get?

Hey folks,

So I will be switching to T-Mobile from Verizon in the coming weeks, and I am trying to make a decision on the phone. Right now I have a Galaxy Nexus, which is ok...but I am really due for an upgrade.

I am looking at either a HTC One or a Nexus 5. The GS4 is out because I am not a fan of Touchwiz and the Moto Xbecause I want something with a 1080p screen. I have a 9 month old at home so a decently fast shooter is necessary. I've been seeing Russel Holly's post on G+ and he is making me think hard about this purchase.

For those who have both an HTC One and or Nexus 5, what are your pros and cons? I am actually leaning more towards the HTC One due to its faster shooter and and more premium build. If stock is so much of an issue XDA will help in that regard as they always do.


PS. By the way, I have an iPhone 5S for work...sooo yeah not getting 2 of those.