How long it takes for your Nexus 5 to charge from 10% to 100%?

It takes my Nexus 5 a whopping 4 hrs 5 mins. on average. This is from multiple charges since last Monday.

I find it really slow. All from plugged to the wall and I've tried with the adapter given in the box, Nokia's for Lumia 920 and a Samsung one.

For comparison, my Lumia 920 used to take 2hrs approx to do the same when plugged to the wall and 30 minutes in addition when charged using the wireless pad.

Just wanted to know whether it's my phone. If so, I'm worried.

Edit: Apart from the slow charge, I don't notice anything wrong with battery. Of course, battery life is not up to the mark of what I expected but it appears to be on par with other Nexus 5 owners.

Stats (from Battery widget Reborn):

Charging speed: 1% charge takes 3minutes 18 seconds.

Location, Bluetooth : Off

Wifi, Sync Services, 3G & data: On