First Thoughts on the Moto G

I watched the second half of the keynote and I must say, Motorola's presentation left me genuinely impressed. A central theme of Moto G seems to be "no frills" and it shows even in the presentation. I like how heartfelt it is for the Motorola people to say things like how they envision trying to connect the world and providing people who are in the market for budget phones a real compelling device that does not run on obsolete hardware. The Moto G may not have the best specs but Motorola is definitely not using old parts, unlike budget smartphones from competitors like Samsung.

Perhaps the most interesting part about the Moto G is how Motorola is silently propelling Google in the budget mobile space. Let's face it, before the Moto G, at such an affordable price, a Lumia is better off as compared to an Android. At least Windows Phone won't lag on old hardware. The Moto G will be a game-changer if it really turns out to be that acceptably speedy budget Android phone. Running close to stock Android and Qualcomm's latest generation processor, there is no reason why it should lag.

Motorola's direction is also truly commendable. Some people hate custom skins. For me, as long as they add value to the device and don't look bad (i.e. Sense), I'm fine with it. However, it is often not the case. Motorola let Android take centre stage instead of trying to compete with its core services, unlike Samsung with its equivalent of almost every core android app, which I feel is a step in the right direction. Its additions on top of Android are generally useful and do not add clutter to the device or bogs it down.

So what do you guys think? Game-changer or meh?

By the way, I'm starting to see where Google is taking Motorola's purchase to already.