Help me choose my next phone (Verizon)

Unhappy Sprint customer leaving for Verizon this coming Saturday.

Would love a Nexus 5, but not willing to wait weeks.

All phones have strengths and weaknesses, but I am having a hell of a time deciding which of these phones to go with.

Samsung Galaxy S4
Samsung Galaxy Note 3
Motorola Moto X

I'll say that I am a huge fan of the pure android experience and because of this I've included the Moto X in my list since it is the only phone on the market other than the N5 that gives something close to pure android. That said I am not stoked about the limited battery life and I have heard the camera is inexcusably bad.

I'm leaning toward either the Note 3 or S4 simply because of the performance and popularity. Samsung is obviously doing something right..right? I don't know if I like TouchWiz, but most people I talk to say they're fine with it.

I'm interested in the G2 purely based on the spec sheet. Camera is apparently very good. Big downside is the LG UI..whatever it is called. I've never heard a good thing about it.

I haven't included the HTC One in my list because I am coming from an HTC phone and I freaking hate the Sense UI.

In the end I seem to be flipflopping between the Moto X (want pure android) and the S4/Note 3 (great performance+battery)

Someone make this decision easier for me!