Gee, thanks for ruining Pulse on Android, LinkedIn

First of all WHY DOES IT LOOK LIKE AN iOS7 APP? Wouldn't it be easier to use native navigation assets than transferring the iOS elements and look to Android? Thankfully, I wasn't the only one that noticed this - there's a huge list of one- and two-star reviews on the Play Store complaining for the exact same reason.

Secondly, WHY DID YOU MAKE THE STORY ROWS AND COLUMNS SO HUGE?! ARGHHH!! Pulse used to be my favorite newsreader for the simple reason that it could display a lot of content (stories) from a lot of sources on my N4 screen. Now I can barely see four stories (2 columns x 2 rows) without scrolling and the color palette makes it confusing to even concentrate on those two.

Oh well, I was looking for a reason to start using Flyne more, I guess now it's my chance to do just that.