'The Verge' Windows Phone App

Like most of you, I am a frequent Verge reader, mostly on the Windows Phone I have. There are options like the Verge mobile site and an app in Windows Phone store but none are optimal. There is always jumping back and forth between IE tabs or app and IE which ruins the experience.

A few weeks back I started building an app to see if I can create a better experience and after spending a couple of weekends on it, I think it's already looking nice and can easily replace the mobile site. So far, I doesn't have every feature there is on The Verge as I wanted to get the news reading and video watching experience right. Here, I am just sharing it with you guys to see if there is any interest and if there is, I'd publish this in the store. It'd would at least a couple of weeks before it'll be published though.

You can expect simple and clean news reading experience, full review content with scores and breakdown and watching videos in the app. I took design ideas from the Bing News app. All content is loaded live from The Verge APIs which are pretty well done, kudos to the verge product team for that.

What do you guys think?