The Apple Logo of Death

I have owned iPhones since 2009 when I purchased the iPhone 3GS. I have also owned every iPad, iPad 2, iPad 3, and iPad 4 (selling each to buy the successor). Between all those devices running iOS 6 and earlier I experienced maybe 10 crashes that locked up my device and forced me to hard-reset. We are talking about 2 iPhones (4S and 3GS) and 4 iPads over 4 years.

Since I have upgraded to iOS 7 and gotten the iPhone 5S (with iOS 7 pre-installed), I have seen the device crash and show me the Apple logo 10 to 20 times (between my iPad 4 and iPhone 5s).

One of the big reasons I buy Apple stuff is because I hate crashes. I remember my Palm Treo 680 would crash about 8 times per week and it was just part of normal usage to reboot it. I have had friends do stuff on their Android phones and watched apps crash or the phone just freeze and have been grateful for how little that happens to me.

Since iOS 7, I have seen at least one "blue screen" which made me laugh when the screen turned blue (no text, just blue) followed by the Apple logo on a black background. I have also seen that Apple logo against a black background far too often (usually when Springboard crashes). I am beginning to think of it as the Apple Logo of Death.

Last night I asked Siri to navigate me to a local Best Buy because I wanted to see the driving time to know if I could make it home on time and just as the iPhone showed the map on screen it was followed by the Apple logo.

Today, Apple has released iOS 7.0.4. Here's hoping this brings iOS 7 back to the quality level of previous releases. Certainly iOS 7 was rushed, but Apple needs to get these things corrected sooner rather than later. iOS 7.0.3 was an improvement, but still not up to snuff. I am updating now and crossing my fingers for a more typical Apple experience than the one I have had in the past month.

UPDATE: To be clear, my iPhone 5s is not locking up, but rather it will jump to the Apple logo on black screen in the middle of a task (usually from Springboard or lock screen) and then the Apple logo will clear and the phone is back. It looks like it is restarting Springboard.