Samsung has led the curved display "movement" with the introduction of its Galaxy Round smartphone, but apparently the company isn't satisfied stopping there. Bloomberg today claims that Samsung will release a handset featuring a wraparound display at some point next year. According to the report, the primary benefit of this three-sided display design is that it allows users to read what's on screen even when a device is viewed at extreme angles.

It's currently unclear whether the wraparound display will debut in a future Galaxy S / Galaxy Note smartphone, or whether Samsung will instead unveil an entirely new device line to showcase the technology. Bloomberg says the company hasn't yet finalized a release date, but in all likelihood the product launch would come sometime during the second half of 2014.

The display is reportedly based on the same Youm panels used in the Galaxy Round, which Samsung released just last month. There's been no evidence that consumers desire these unique displays, but clearly that's not preventing Samsung from experimenting.