The Samsung Galaxy Core Plus is why Motorola will win the low-end

The low end of Android is absolutely terrible. I bought my mom a Lumia 520 because I couldn't find any Android phones for under $200 that wouldn't make her disown me.

And Samsung continues to do crap like this:

"Samsung launches Galaxy Core Plus with curious step backwards in specs"

Who releases an upgrade to a 6-month old phone with lower specs than the original?

Samsung's product matrix is so out of control, that I don't even think they know what phones they have in the market.

Considering how prevalent cheap Android phones are in the platform's success, I hope Motorola finds success with the Moto G.

$180 might still be too much for some markets, but I think they have plans to go even lower.

It will be interesting to see how this affect Google and Samsung's relationship.