When is Microsoft going to get seriuos about the Windows 8 Store?

A year and a half after lunch, it is quite sad that Microsoft does not do anything at all to solve the low quality of apps on the Windows Store, I believe the situation is even worst due to the fact that now there are even more apps been exposed, like the image below...


via i42.tinypic.com

This is a series of crap apps posted by the same publisher as you may guess, I wonder when is Microsoft going to take action to solve this madness, does Microsoft expect people who visit the store to be happy with this experience? How can Microsoft even try to compete with the Android and Apple store offering Windows 8 customer this experience?

The same happens even in the Games section which is quite sad... My take on this is that either the app downloads on the Windows 8 store is very low that even apps with a few dozen downloads can make it to the top of the New and Rising category, or the thresholds they have defined to categorize and app like new is just wrong. Either way, this is a very poor experience.